Hong Kong trading center OKEx will cancel some of the transactions associated with the futures committed as a result of “non-standard” sales.

This decision OKEx-controlled crypto currency exchange OKCoin announced today on its official website. Previously, the platform has temporarily suspended trading in futures contracts as a result of the incident, which occurred between 18:00 and 19:30 Moscow time. In the result of sales prices for quarterly futures fell significantly relative to the cost of BTC.

Rollback is called to undo all operations until 04:47 Hong Kong time; the procedure will hold today at 15:30 (Hong Kong time).

“OKEx first and foremost concerned with the interests of our clients, and we aim to use the best products and technologies to protect them. The transactions were suspended for several hours because of the incident. Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience”, — the statement says the team OKEx.

Previously, many users criticized the site for failing to prevent malicious acts. Some investors even accused OKEx in direct participation in intentional fraud. Representatives of the company, these statements did not respond.

Screenshots posted on Twitter by user BTCVIX, demonstrate how the futures price for bitcoin OKEx began to fall in the area 19:00 Moscow time, up to $5200. After a quick rise to $6000, the price dropped to $4755.

It should be noted that the value of the bitcoins during this time period hovered around $7000 and generally showed a twenty percent difference (data from CoinDesk).

This morning quotes bitcoin reached pyatidesyatidnevny low, falling below $7000. During yesterday’s trading session the price of a popular alithinou (including BCH and ETH) also came to the lowest rates since the beginning of the year.

Perhaps the accusations OKEx manipulation on the part of investors is not unfounded. Independent study trader Sylvane of Ribs showed that the exchange provides incorrect information about the trading volume.