Platform text messaging Cointext announced the launch of the service through which mobile users can make transactions with Bitcoin cash (BCH) via SMS.

The beta version of the solution will be available for testing throughout the USA, Canada, South Africa, Switzerland, Sweden, the Netherlands and the UK.

“Cointext is the easiest and most effective way to popularize Bitcoin Cash because it works on any mobile phone and it does not need to have any knowledge of bitcoin,” said lead developer Context, as well as co-founder and technical Director of Wines, Armani (Armani Vin).

Because Cointext conducts operations through SMS, the wallet platform has a number of advantages over traditional cryptocurrency wallets. So it is possible to send the BCH in the most primitive mobile phones, which is especially important for developing countries.

Private testing has already joined nearly 2 000 people. New users will receive tokens Bitcoin cash in the amount of $0.50, through donations provided by the community BCH.

According to the developers, Cointext does not store the funds of its users, and all SMS transactions are in the blockchain BCH. The company will charge a Commission of approximately $0,05 per BCH for each transaction, regardless of the amount transferred.

We will remind, earlier this month, the IT giant Microsoft started accepting Bitcoin for Cash purchases at the online store of the company.