The Moscow government will enhance the use of blockchain-based platform for a vote to the city level.

Municipal control of the capital of Russia has announced that it has launched a project “Digital home” — a service that allows residents of high-rise buildings to participate in electronic voting on domestic issues, such as replacing the front door or the transition to a new management company.

The service uses an electronic voting platform “Active citizen”, which is working on a private version of Ethereum.

In a press release said that each year the residents of Moscow spend from five to seven thousand face-to-face meetings on municipal issues, however, to arrange such meetings in a lively urban environment is becoming increasingly difficult.

“We believe it is necessary to create a comfortable environment that would allow neighbors to influence the place in which they live. […] The pace of life in big cities dictates the conditions, and it is difficult to find a suitable time for everyone to set up a meeting between neighbors in Autonomous mode,” — said the Deputy Director of the Department of information technology of Moscow Andrey Belozerov.

We will remind that the project “Active citizen” was launched in 2014 and includes more than 2 million users. This time it was held 3510 polls, where users vote on topics such as the name of the new subway trains and the colour of the seats in the new arena.

At the end of last year, the service began to use blockchain technology to make results publicly verifiable, and the vote counting process is transparent.