3 April 2018 the Chinese company Bitmain Technologies has released a new miner Antminer E3. New installation handles the hashing algorithm Ethash, the Protocol consensus PoW for Ethereum.

Recently Bitmain has released many new products, including the X3 Antminer for such coins as Popego, and other devices for mining.

Bitmain — known manufacturer of equipment for mining cryptocurrency. The company was founded by Wu Jihan (Jihan Wu) in 2013, and in 2017 received a whopping profit of $4 billion, becoming one of the biggest technology companies in China.

The company began with the production of BTC miners, and then added to the set of products of Riga for Dash and Litecoin. Not long ago, the firm has officially launched two more devices, which caused heated discussions among members of the crypto community.

This week the company introduced the Antminer E3 — equipment for mining of cryptocurrencies that handles the hashing algorithm Ethash. This news angered many members of the community Еthereum that “sour” responded to the novelty and began to call for the hard forks to cut off from the blockchain miners using ASIC hardware. Some members of the ETH community explained that the establishment of these devices supports the need to have “regularly scheduled change of the PoW, such as Moego”.

Community Popego (XMR) is faced with the same dilemma as Bitmain, just launched Antminer X3, with which you can mine coins based on a hashing algorithm Cryptonight at a speed of 220 KH/s.

Of course, Bitmain has competitors. Among them, the team of DMM, the GMO Group, and many others. So this week began delivery of Dragonmint 16T1 miner SHA-256 Mining from Halong. As stated by the manufacturer, this new generation of devices running on SHA-256 with hasraton 16 terahara, which may compete with Antminer S9.

While it is difficult to say how the miners Halong meet published specifications, but probably related to these machines will be available in the near future.

Also recently was presented the release of the new 8th-generation miner SHA-256 from Canaan Creative. Novelty called Avalon 841 has increased productivity (13.0 – 13.6 TH/s) and has some improvements compared to the previous model Canaan.

It is worth noting that Riga, the Avalon series was a reputable brand for quite a long time. In addition, Canaan said that he has already begun work on the next generation Avalon 861, 921 and 10 Series.

Over time, the device for mining will become more effective, and semiconductors smaller and faster. Recently a Japanese firm GMO Group said that it will produce miners using a 7-nanometer technology.