In the network appeared new version of the XMR miner-AEON-STAK — 2.4.6. This miner supports all versions of the Cryptonight algorithm and can produce coins as graphics cards, and supports and AMD and Nvidia and the CPU. The latest version of miner supports many different critobulus, including Aeon, Bbscoin, Bitcoal, Croat, Dero, Dinastycoin, Edollar, Electroneum, Fonero, Graft, Haven, Intense, Interplanetary Broadcast Coin, Italocoin, Iridium, Karbo, Leviarcoin, Masari, Monero, Stellite, Sumokoin, Superioir, Turtlecoin, Ultranote.

Among the supported algorithms the developers claim Cryptonight, Cryptonight V7, Heavy Cryptonight, Cryptonight Cryptonight Lite V7 and V3 IPBC.

XMR-AEON-STAK is a fork of miner XMR-Stak and can work on AMD (OpenCL 2.0) and Nvidia (CUDA 9) and the Central processors. Currently available single executable file for Windows, in which sewn the Board of developers in the amount of 1%. However, you may self-assemble a binary from source code.

Recall that the cryptocurrency “kryptonite” it is better to get the AMD hardware, but even if you have a farm with Nvidia, you should look for some coins.