Mastercard plans to work only with the national crypto-currencies issued by Central banks. This is with reference to the co-President of Mastercard in the Asia-Pacific region, the Financial Times reports.

Senior Manager at Mastercard Sarker Ari (Ari Sarker) was reported in the FT comments that “if the governments of different countries will create a national digital currency, we will be very happy to change our attitude to them on more favorable [compared to cryptocurrencies in General]”:

“While it (digital currency — approx. CoinMarket.News) with the support of state authority and has value, it is not anonymous and meets all regulatory standards, in the future we will be more interested in this asset.”

Previously CEO of Mastercard Ajay Banga (Ajay Banga) said that MasterCard “will find a way to stay in the game”, if we are talking about digital currencies, issued by governments. Other currencies without government support he called “garbage.”

Sarkar also noted that MasterCard is conducting pilot transfers with BTC, which would allow them to cash out the asset directly to Mastercard. The initiative provides protection for types of KYC and AML.

Mastercard much more optimistic looking at the blockchain technology in General. We will remind that earlier the company has applied for patents return of cryptocurrency payments and a private blockchain for instant translations.