Group, which owns the largest social networks and services in Russia and the CIS, announced the start of accepting payments in the cryptocurrency.

According to a press release, the company is now advertising on the websites of the projects group and a partner network through myTarget – advertising platform Group – you can pay bitcoin, or Bitcoin to Cash.

As you know, Group controls the largest Russian social networks, including Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki and mail service with a total coverage of over 140 million people. However, only one social platform Vkontakte, which occupies the 18th position of the top 500 sites of Alexa, in 2017 brought the owners of 14 billion rubles.

It is reported that the acceptance of payments in bitcoin is through affiliate organizations and “international brand” In this case cryptocurrency transactions are processed by leading payment service provider Bitpay, which is already working with companies such as Microsoft and PayPal.

Representatives note that the integration is “a convenient payment method for those who are already doing business in bitcoin” is not the only project in the field of cryptocurrency. In the near future the company plans to pay a cryptocurrency application developers and partners. In addition, Group considers the development “game” cryptoprocta.

“We strive to give our customers the maximum opportunities for business development. Platform myTarget will be a launching ground for an ecosystem that will continue to evolve, including other products Mail.Ru Group, including the gaming-oriented projects”, — said the first Deputy General Director Dmitry Sergeyev.

Note, the integration of payments in the cryptocurrency media giant — a significant event for the Russian of the crypto community, especially in light of conflicting decisions of the authorities. Mail.Ru Group, which provides 85% of Internet users in the country, also supervises the payment provider Qiwi, with 17.2 million wallets.

In turn, representatives of Qiwi form part of the working group to formulate proposals to improve the draft law on digital assets presented by the Ministry of Finance.

Recall that while the legal framework for the legalization of cryptocurrencies in Russia is still requires further development, the Ministry of Finance developed a bill criminalizing the use of cryptocurrency as substitutes for money.