Today Liquidity.Network switches to the mode of testing in the future will probably compete with the sidechained Raiden. Co-Founder Luiquidity.Network Arthur Gervais (Arthur Gervais) promises to release a working version of the technology for three months.

The project aims to reduce the load on the Ethereum blockchain due to the transfer transaction into separate hubs, creating a so-called payment channels. This will improve performance and increase scaling network, and the users will pay only for the opening and closing of channels. Thus, users will be able to save the fee for intermediate operations. At the same time, the number of users and transactions on a single channel is not limited.

Liquidity.Network development Revive, providing a lower cost of payments outside the blockchain. In addition, the company has already released an alpha version of the Ethereum wallet, specially adapted for these transactions.

As Gervais says, if successful Liquidity.Network the company plans to seek universal solutions for all scale of projects on the basis of ERC-20. The inventor hopes that his project will accelerate the emergence of many other similar initiatives to optimize Ethereum.

Presentation Of Liquidity.Network was held in November 2017. Specialized publications and experts often compare the technology with the payment Protocol Lightning Network designed to improve bitcoin.