Japanese messaging application Line plans to create a separate network for decentralized applications (DApps) on its own platform. This was during a developers conference last Friday, said the technical Director of the company Yuvin Park (Euvine Park).

According to Park, the platform will operate independently from the other products Line and use a token economy to encourage and accelerate the development of DApps. Conditions for third-party programmers and employees in Line would be the same.

To implement his plan, the company plans to open additional jobs in Japan, South Korea and other countries of South-East Asia.

News about individual DApps-the blockchain appeared a few days after the Line has established a subsidiary company Unblock with headquarters in South Korea. Activities Unblock bloschanevych focused on R & d-initiatives, and integration of decentralized applications with the Line messenger for empowerment of users.

Recall that the Line also runs exchange-payment platform based on mobile app Line Pay. A service called Line Financial is intended for the exchange of digital currencies and implement cryptocurrency payments. The financial services Agency of Japan (FSA) is still considering the application Financial Line for a license.