A leading mobile operator in South Korea, Korea Telecom (KT), on Tuesday said it plans to use a new telecommunications system based on blockchain solutions related to security.

As explained by one of the principal investigators of the company, SEO young-Lee (Seo Young-il), the project of digital infrastructure for KT, called “Future Internet” will allow people and businesses to obtain remuneration for the use of their data instead of Google data, to monopolize the field of private data.

“Through the use of blockchain data is protected from hackers, as they will be transmitted through the network, precluding the possibility of forgery. Users will upload their own data to each other without having to rely on third-party OTT companies,” — said in an interview with The Korean Herald, the head of the blockchain center in the Institute for Convergent technologies.

The ultimate goal of KT is using the blockchain to restore the network infrastructure of South Korea in the next few years.

By June of this year, KT, in collaboration with global network operators such as Sprint, American and Japanese tech giant Softbank, is preparing to launch a new service of data roaming. In addition, KT has included the cryptocurrency platform K-Coin to your mobile coupon service.

“The blockchain is the Central technology for the digitalization in the “fourth industrial revolution”, — said Yang-Li.