IOTA Foundation became a new industrial partner of the consortium MOBI tasked with creating a new mobile ecosystem on the basis of the distributed registry. In addition to IOTA, the Association includes engineering giants like Bosch, Groupe Renault, BMW, Ford, General Motors and ZF.

In the main activities of the MOBI includes the development of common standards DLT, design work, and creating tools IN open source. In General, the consortium will be implementing blockchain in automotive systems for “statistics driving control careregular transactions and storing information about the characteristics and use of vehicles”.

In the official announcement published on the website of IOTA, is the quotation of the company’s founders Dominic Shiner (Dominik Schiener) and David Sonstebo (David Sønstebø):

“We are proud to joining MOBI, and starting with the biggest corporations in the world to implement industry standards that will make driving smooth, secure and inexpensive process.”

Their participation in the initiatives of the consortium IOTA can set an example to other developers and stimulate the growth in the number of projects focused on the immediate and scalable solutions in the field of Autonomous transportation services. The company and its partners are confident that the DLT is able to create transparent and trustworthy infrastructure to reduce the risk of fraud and transactional costs (e.g., third-party fees and surcharges).

For IOTA this is not the first partnership with representatives of the transportation industry. In April it became known that the manufacturer of electric ElaadNL conducted a demonstration test of a charging station based on the technology of IOTA Tangle.