Technology giant Intel joins a growing list of corporations who consider the blockchain as a method of digital rights management.

In a patent application published by the patent and trademark office on March 8, the tech company from Silicon valley described the method of using the blockchain to download rights to the digital image.

“The technology of the blockchain is used to document and verify the attributes of digital content and which are relevant to copyright protection. Such attributes may include, for example, ID, content author, timestamp, content authoring, which can then be used to detect copy or modify the content”, — is spoken in the application.

The proposed platform will use several types of software for automatic evaluation of copyright policy settings for each image even if the picture was taken from external sources. It then generates a unique identifier for the original content and all of its versions, which the patent calls “shadow images”.

Additionally, the patent mentions the Intel video and other types of content, and proposes a more comprehensive system of rights with additional features.

For example, the Intel system will allow users to maintain the WIP, including “unstructured” parts, such as literary works with multiple editors. Thus, the content can be changed only in accordance with the parameters of copyright policy.

It is worth noting that Intel is not alone in implementing this idea. So earlier this year came the news about the project “encrypted digital registry of ownership rights of photographers,” which the American company Kodak will be implemented in cooperation with the developer of blockchain systems WENN Digital.

This application has been the second Intel patent related bloccano. Before that, two years ago, the company filed a patent for software for DNA research.