The company Innosilicon April 13 unveiled its new ASIC for mining cryptocurrency on the Cryptonight algorithm called A8+ Cryptomaster. Although in the original announcement information on price was not the sale of the equipment has already begun at a price of $ 2,500. Thus, Innosilicon is far ahead of the beginning of the supply main competitor — Bitmain X3, deliveries of which will start only in may, however, hash rate from A8+ is also lower.

Speaking of Hasrat, here are the technical specifications of the new Asika:

  • Hasrat: 240 Kh/s with an accuracy of +/-8%
  • Energy consumption: 480 W (at 25 degrees and the power supply 93% efficiency)
  • The chip type: A8+ CryptoMaster ASIC
  • Dimensions: 350mm (length) x 250 mm (width) x 160 mm (height)
  • Net weight: 7.3 kg (without PSU)
  • Operating temperature: 0°C — 85°C (internal temperature)
  • Network: Ethernet

Representatives Innosilicon promise that the device is suitable for the production of the “multitude” of different cryptocurrencies on “kryptonite”, including XMC, ETN, KRB, DCY… and that’s all.

Given that the most popular coin — Monero — have already switched to the algorithm CryptoNightV7 POW, and the rest have moved or intend to move to new algorithms by the time you receive A8+ CryptoMaster ASIC may be that mine and it will have nothing.