Chamber of Commerce of Dalit (DICCI) in collaboration with a social entrepreneur, Dr. Fusiform Malik (Tausif Malik) launches in 30 cities of India training programme on mining bitcoins. It is reported

DICCI — industry Association that advances the business of the enterprise for Dalits — the lowest caste in India, also called the untouchables. In some areas of the country, according to census 2011, Dalits make up 32 percent of the population.

Tausif Malik created a platform Mahabfic promoting investment in blockchain, FINTECH, ISO and cryptocurrency in Maharashtra.

“We do not advance technology, we are promoting Maharashtra as the ideal place for investment in the development and promotion of technologies”, — said on the website Mahabfic.

According to a report published in Times Policy, DICCI and Mahabfic will create “the first and the world’s largest training program for bitcoin mining for independent employment (BMTP)”. This program focuses on “the empowerment of rural population, especially the youth from the farming community, generate income in your home town or village, that should help economic development in these areas.”

“The new technology of the blockchain is the future of technology development and it is rapidly spreading around the world. And the bitcoin/cryptocurrency mining is a must-have item for work blockchain platforms. Therefore, we felt the need to create a training program BMTP for our youth on a national scale to provide the opportunity to carry out such work”, — said the founder and Chairman of DICCI, milind Kambi Sri (Shri Milind Kamble).

It is reported that in the framework of the program the students will talk about blockchain technology, will train their mining bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, as well as entrepreneurship. The first training in the framework of the project scheduled for may and will be held in Pune.

“India can become the world’s next mining center bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the world,” said Malik.

Recall that although the Indian government and does not approve of the cryptocurrency trading, the total volume of cryptocurrency transactions in the country over the past half year amounted to more than $3.5 billion. in addition, last September, the Ripple opened an office in Mumbai, as Executive Director of the blockchain startups said that “India is becoming a country in the digital economy and becomes a leader in the field of payment systems”.