According to recent insider information, Huawei Technologies Ltd., the third largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world, is considering the possibility of developing a smartphone that can run the blockchain app.

Chinese company Huawei is negotiating the licensing of the operating system Labs Sirin, SIRIN-called OS, to run a blockchain-based applications in addition to the existing system of Google Inc. from Android. It is reported Bloomberg citing an anonymous source.

Representatives of Huawei and Sirin Labs confirmed that the company indeed had a meeting, but from further declined to comment.

If this information is confirmed, it would be a first implementation of blockchain in the smartphones the major manufacturer, which could potentially bring the technology to the mass market. Even after a slump this year, the cryptocurrency market grew by 15 times, and its volume amounted to about USD 350 billion, but daily use of digital assets continues to be limited.

Leadership meetings with Huawei’s team Sirin Labs took place over the past two months. The caption under the photo posted on February 28 gruppovogo chat Sirin Labs in the Telegram, reads as follows:

“Just finished an amazing meeting Sirin Labs and Huawei. Among other things, the possibility of joint work on safe promote blockchain technology to the masses”.

Recall that Sirin Labs is also working on its own smartphone based on the blockchain. The company plans to start selling its phone Finney in the second half of this year for about $1000. By words a press-Secretary Sirin Labs may Nimrod (Nimrod May), the company has already received pre-orders for more than 25,000 units.

It is expected that the phone Sirin Labs will have a built in cold crypto-wallet and a system for automatically converting Fiat currency into digital tokens required to run a blockchain-based applications.

As for Huawei, then last week the tech giant introduced the draft Caliper, designed to test the performance of the main block chain.