Search giant Google has filed a patent application related to the use of the blockchain to protect audit information.

In the application published by the patent and trademark office, it is proposed to use a blockchain to create a “tamper-evident” magazine. The log will allow you to store the signature, to check whether it has changed the information stored in the system and to track what data was changed and when.

The document describes the use of two blockchains, one of which is called “target” and contains the “first signature”. Second, a separate blockchain to store data, confirmed the signature.

“This method involves adding a new block to the target block by linking the new block to the existing block and the second block of the blockchain, which is determined by generating a signature for a new unit based on the first and second signature, and associating the signature with a new unit. Target block and the second block chain may be part of the block lattice,” — said in the order.

The text also emphasizes that the blockchain can be located in several data stores, and on the same device.

It is noteworthy that the information on this application appeared simultaneously with the news that Google is working on its own distributed registry based on the blockchain to support its cloud business.