A businessman from Alberta (canadian province) found a buyer for its unusual collection of three gold casts of the palms and of the impression of the fist of the former South African President Nelson Mandela. According to Bloomberg, is for an unusual lot, the buyer paid $ 10 million in bitcoins.

Acquired casts of the canadian company Arbitrade. About it it is little known — apart from the fact that its business is associated with the cryptocurrency, but, according to its Chairman Leo Shuttsman (Leo Shutzman), it will change soon.

The company plans to start ICO in a few weeks and is completing construction of a mining complex in Waterloo (Ontario) for mining token for resale. Their main feature, according to Stutzman, is to support precious metals, including gold.

Casts of Nelson Mandela, in principle, fall into this category, but Shuttsman argues that in the future will be more likely to buy gold bullion or tokens, rather than art objects. 20 kilograms of gold used to the casts themselves are only a fraction of the total amount of the transaction. Although the real value is in the publicity, said Shuttsman that you can use to tell Millennials about Mandela and Arbitrade. To achieve this, the company is going, arranging travelling exhibitions of artifact called “the Golden Hands of Nelson Mandela”.

However, the artifacts are not yet owned by the company in full. According to Malcolm Duncan (Malcolm Duncan), the seller, initially he was paid only a Deposit of $ 50,000 from April 30 Arbitrade will be required within a certain period of time to pay him at least $ 2 million.

“They will become owners as soon as the entire amount in dollars will be transferred to my Bank account. In a one-time payment of 2.5 million, they will get one impression,” said Duncan.