Kin Foundation has announced the cooperation with a giant of the gaming industry, Unity Technologies. It is expected that developers will contribute to wider dissemination token Kin.

Unity Technologies is known for producing licensed game engine Unity, which was created for use by third-party developers and laid the basis of a cross-platform environment for creating computer games. Currently, the technology is used by millions of developers around the world.

Having signed a partnership agreement with Kin Foundation, the company becomes the first member of the “decentralized ecosystem for digital services and applications” Kin, which is the developer of Kik messenger. Recall that in the course of ICO tokens Kik Kin team last year managed to collect $98 million.

It is reported that in the framework of the cooperation the company will work on a set of development tools (SDK) that will allow Unity users to integrate tokens Kin in their projects.

“The SDK will allow all game developers to design their Kin and blockchain technology based,” said Executive Vice President of partnerships at Kin Dani Fishel (Dany Fishel).

According to him, in practice, this means that the Kin team Foundation will provide developers with the purse and its Playground. After it completed the beta phase, the SDK will be available for all users of the Unity Asset services and GitHub.

Note, by SDK Kin Foundation intends to provide developers the “monetization tools”, contributing to the creation of the options exchange of peer-to-peer in mobile games. For example, gamers will be able to use tokens as a reward to those who shared information, is necessary to achieve a certain level in the game. In addition, this award may be obtained and to those who are well established — for example, reported a bug or wrote a review.

Moreover, this solution will provide another aspect of monetization, enabling brands to engage with gamers, rewarding them for reviews of their products.

According to Fishel, the company sees the videogame industry as the perfect party ecosystem of Kin.

“Gamers, in General, already well versed in digital currencies. The game developers are the first who adopt the technology, they are the first who adopt the innovation. Thus, we see them primarily as a very natural audience for the development of cryptocurrency,” said Dany Fishel.

He added that the integration of Kin into the world of computer games is just the beginning of creating a wider ecosystem. Providing cryptocurrency options in the context of the game, the developers expect that users will sooner or later begin to use bitcoin and beyond, the more that the partners will eventually become more and more.

Note, Fishel did not explain about the partnership with some companies there is a speech, mentioning only about the cooperation with the “application community, which will provide great ways to earn and spend” tokens. It is expected that Kin Foundation will announce a new partnership in the coming weeks.

Recall that the developers of Kik messenger recently told that you can run token-Kin will be two blockchain — Ethereum and Stellar.