The zcash for cryptocurrency developers have announced the release for the first system-wide upgrade. The update, dubbed Overwinter, will be activated in June and should be the basis technology for future updates.

“The purpose of Overwinter to improve the Protocol for future upgrades of the network, laying the Foundation for the updates zcash for a Sapling, expected this year,” — said in a press release.

According to a press release, Overwinter will include “a version control system, protection against re-play with the network upgrades, performance improvements, transparent transactions, a new feature the expiry of transactions, and so forth.”

The developers note that hardwork will take place at a certain block and the full network refresh — the new version will have to go all users.

Note, the command zcash for several times, shifted its release Overwinter, citing the need for additional checks and corrections of errors discovered during system testing. So, a few days ago, “manual check” system was in the process.

In General, the developers continue to work within the framework published in December last year, the road map. Sapling — the next update scheduled for September, should reduce the amount of memory secure transactions. In addition, the company has announced a change in the underlying blockchain cryptography — a significant upgrade anonymous protocols Zk-snarks.

We will remind, the main feature of the zcash for cryptocurrencies is the anonymity of transactions. Earlier, the former CIA officer Edward Snowden called zcash for “the most interesting alternative to bitcoin,” noting the innovative approach to technology privacy.