American manufacturer Ford received a patent for blockchain-system communication drivers using cryptocurrency to reduce traffic congestion. Patent application of the company published on the website of the Office for patents and trademarks of the United States.

Patent of Ford Global Technologies, LLC. called “Cooperation between vehicles to regulate traffic” and offers an innovative way to decongest roads, namely, the system of communication between drivers to coordinate the speed of the cars. According to the document, this approach may to some extent counter the “psychology of drivers that focus only on their own preferences regarding travel time”.

The document describes the main aspects of the “Jointly managed system associations and travel” (CMMP) developed by Ford specialists. In the framework of the “monitoring the behavior of drivers, data on it are recorded and evaluated collectively by drivers and other road users”.

The system will allow cars to travel faster on less-congested lanes, as well as grouped and allowed to pass other cars when needed.

In addition, the patent provides the possibility of using cryptocurrency, called “tokens CMMP”, for the exchange of information between the drivers.

“The system of CMMP is a transaction-based tokens. Vehicle agree to exchange digital currency (“tokens CMMP”). The CMMP tokens used for authorization and confirmation of transactions in which one of the vehicles is a slower lane and allow the other vehicle to pass, if necessary”, — stated in the description.

In addition, payments using tokens will be used as a kind of “loan on the road”. So, according to the document, hurrying the driver can pay other drivers CMMP tokens to get the right of way.

Note, this is the first case when the giant has turned to innovative technologies. However, signs of this were visible even last year, when the network appeared information about the search company “engineer blockchain”.

Recall that in early March it became known that Porsche has developed a block chain applications for cars and has already started the testing phase.