Bitcoin, Ethereum and other well-known digital currency constantly flashed in the headlines of the world media, but at the global cryptocurrency market there are hundreds of other alithinou. For example, IOTA, the eleventh value, the cryptocurrency market capitalization of approximately $5 billion, One of its distinctive features is the Tangle — a new concept распределֿֿенного registry. In addition, IOTA can boast of no Commission for the transaction.

The recent development of IOTA has attracted the attention of several major German companies. So, the venture capital division of the Bosch Group RBVC has acquired a “significant number” of tokens IOTA and works closely with the Fund. But the digital officer of the Volkswagen group, Johann, Jungwirt (Johann Jungwirth) became a member of the Supervisory Board of the IOTA Foundation.

“Johann, Jungwirt oversees the annual road map Foundation. He believes in IOTA, its technology and the relevance for various applications in the context of mobility”, — said the press-Secretary of the automobile manufacturer.

In his recent interview with Bloomberg, co-founder of IOTA Dominic Shiner (Dominik Schiener) expressed the hope that these new partnerships will lead the company to “the next growth cycle”. The crypto-community rumor about the possible appearance of IOTA functions, like smart contracts. Now IOTA opens offices worldwide, including in Canada, Japan, Norway and South Korea — probably in anticipation of explosive growth following these changes.

Developers and mathematicians employed by the Fund IOTA to work on crypto currency, get your salary in Fiat currency, and IOTA. According to Dominic, the Fund has raised more than 300,000 euros in donations in tokens IOTA from users of the cryptocurrency.

Despite the fact that now things are going well at IOTA, its founder once could completely abandon this project. Shiner first started working with digital currencies in 2013, when at the age of 17 years tried to create my own crypto currency exchange. However, the project went bankrupt, with the result that he lost his investments in the amount of 500 000 euros. In an interview with Bloomberg Shiner stated that the reason for the failure of his enterprise was primarily related to the fact that virtual currency in those days was in its infancy.

“Many believed that crypto-currencies linked to drug trafficking, and other evil enterprises, so no Bank wanted to open an account for my company”.

However, he decided to make another attempt, and in 2015 founded in Berlin IOTA with David Sonnee (David Sønstebø), Evanego Sergey (Sergey Ivancheglo) and Sergei Popov.

According to Shiner, now bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies cause of the masses much more confidence, and he hoped that IOTA will eventually become one of the most valuable digital currency in our time.

We will remind, at the end of last year, the company IOTA has been selected to participate in the support programme blockchain startups the government of Tokyo. Previously, more than 20 organizations joined a new IOTA Fondation platform where companies can buy and sell the data coming from sensors and devices connected to the Internet of things (IoT).