David Street (David Treat), managing Director of the international blockchain-division of the consulting company Accenture, believes that the US government plays an important role in the development of blockchain technology.

As a reminder, last week as part of D.C. Blockchain Summit, held in Washington, sounded the assumption that the US government is not engaged in developments in the field of blockchain. Despite the harsh rhetoric of us lawmakers against some of the most controversial aspects of the use of technology, David Trit expressed their confidence that it is the interest of the government of the blockchain has created “an unprecedented degree of activity and cooperation.”

Perhaps it is not surprising that consulting giant supports the active role of the authorities in relation to the development of the technology, given the accumulated experience of the company in the development of services for the government. Obviously, this factor is key in order for the company to maintain a Central role in the government developments in the field of blockchain, especially those that relate to the field of digital identification.

As you know, Accenture is currently working in partnership with the world economic forum (WEF) and the United Nations on such projects, Known as Traveler Identity Initiative, aimed at strengthening the security of international air transport, ID2020 Alliance, whose goal is to assist refugees in obtaining identity cards. It is reported that in the framework of this work, the representatives of the company actively communicate with people, which is addressed to it.

However, according to TRITA, projects on creation of systems of digital identification require government involvement.

“In the end, it is important that we modernize the process of digital identification to meet the needs of both States and individuals, and, in our opinion, the solution that we develop and begin to implement, can serve both purposes,” said David Street.

Note, while the issues of digital identity is a priority for Accenture, the company also aims at facilitating the adaptation of other aspects of the blockchain technology at the government level. According to TRITA, Accenture welcomes the participation of regulators in the development of its blockchain services.

“The wider the scope of their participation, along with others, the more they become part of the way to innovate and modernize regulatory measures, the better for us,” said David Street.

It is noteworthy that, despite such positive comments, Trit said that it should not be called a “proponent of regulation” of this sphere, preferring the wording “are proponent of interaction with the regulatory community.”

We will remind, representatives of the White house back in the fall have confirmed their interest in implementation of the blockchain in the operation of the government. At the same time, in February it became known that the legalization of cryptocurrency in the United States in the near future should not expect.