Japanese crypto currency exchange Coincheck has been removed from the listing tokens Monero, zcash for and Dash. According to media reports, the reason for this was extreme concern Coincheck anonymity, which provide data to virtual currency.

Writes the Japan Times, the decision of the management of the exchange was affected by the January hacking. Then Coincheck has lost part of their stock NEM, equal to approximately 550 million U.S. dollars. Trading resumed only last Monday.

In addition, the exchange plans to move from the participants at a fixed price only and only if there is evidence. It is not known whether the authorization is pursuant to the KYC (know your customer — the English. “know your customer”).

The failure and sale of these three assets can accelerate the reregistration of Coincheck in accordance with the new version of Japan’s law on payment services. Partly the duration of the process — the exchange has submitted an application in September of last year, due to the fact that the exchange partners with anonymous buyers and sellers. Basically, their anonymity was ensured namely the use of completely private assets, such as XMR, ZEC and DASH.

According to the head of technology Department at Digital Design Japan Masanori Kusunoki, more than half of the stolen amount of NEM can already be converted to other cryptocurrencies or cashed. According to him, the laundering NEM started on 7 February for an indefinite darknet-online.

Coincheck has already started to pay compensation to the victims of the theft customers. Each token will be reimbursed at the rate of $ 0.81 and the total amount of compensation will be about $ 420 million.