Co-founder of Reddit, Alexis Ohanian (Alexis Ohanian) is optimistic about the growth of bitcoin this year, but, according to him, in 2018 the Ethereum significantly ahead of the leading cryptocurrency, in terms of profit.

He believes that bitcoin will return to its maximum of $20,000, and the air will cost $15 000. Given that the current price of ETH is 715 dollars, it is more than twenty-fold growth.

According to Ohanyan, the main difference between the two leading cryptocurrency is that the Ethereum network is used to create decentralized applications. He suggested that bitcoin will retain its role as a store of value, but the price will jump Ethereum, when it will be used to develop the concept of Web 3.0.

In an interview with Fortune Term Sheet, when Oganyan asked to predict the price of bitcoin, he laughingly replied:

“It will grow to the moon. I still hold some bitcoins, and I think that buyers are so well informed about him, that he will continue to be a means of savings. However, the most optimistic Outlook I have on Ethereum, simply because the people on it are really something to create”.

Also the co-founder of Reddit, commented on the fact the shift from “cryptophones,” which has a purely engineering knowledge, to those who have experience in bringing companies and products to market. According to Ohanian, this is particularly important in order for the technology to realize its revolutionary potential.

During the interview he also touched on the criteria that selects startups to support his venture company, the Initialized Capital, as well as expressed his opinion regarding the regulation of the cryptocurrency sphere.

“I was disappointed by the presence of fraud in this space because they diskreditiert what is truly innovative technology. These people should be punished”.

Ohanian left the post of Director General of Reddit earlier this year to focus on investing in technology startups, with particular emphasis on the blockchain.

During a conversation with a Term Sheet, he admitted that he still watches over Reddit, and the site helps him to identify trends. According to him, precisely because of this, the Initialized Capital invested in Coinbase.

It should be noted that Ohanian is not the only one who adheres to the bullish sentiment in relation to the growth of Ethereum this year. However, it is likely, predicts the most significant price rise of ether.

Recall that late last month the founder and CEO of deVere Group, Nigel green (Nigel Green) also announced its forecast regarding the exchange rate ETN, suggesting that the price of the token will be able to reach $2500 by the end of 2018.