The CEO of cryptocurrency exchange Binance Chanpen jao (Changpeng Zhao) confirmed that “unauthorized market sales” that took place on Wednesday, turned out to be a hack attempt exchange. Jao assured users that all transactions scams have been cancelled, and they lost their coins.

Recall that the Binance users found that their accounts were involved in unauthorized trade transactions. Some time later, the representatives of the stock exchange issued a formal statement, the CEO of the company commented on the incident on Twitter.

According to the developers, between 14:58 and 14:59, March 7, automatic risk management system fixed on the platform “abnormal trading activity”, after which all withdrawals of funds were immediately stopped.

It is reported that hackers have managed to capture the information of many accounts of the exchange, using a similar URL. Waiting for the right moment, the attackers had tried to buy Viacoin cryptocurrency from compromised accounts at an extremely high rate, which was overvalued by several hundred percent. Immediately after the auction was completed, the hackers tried to withdraw funds, having received a large sum in bitcoin, but it failed — worked notification system.

Chanpen jao in his Twitter account showed a phishing URL from user stories.

“The history of one of the users. You see the two dots under the domain name? A phishing website that redirects to the real website after logging in. In addition, after you once enter, it will not give you access to the phishing site again, and will automatically be redirected to Binance (even after you exit from your account),” wrote Chanpen jayo on Twitter.

The developers have stated that all illegal transaction was cancelled and nobody was injured. In addition, hackers have lost their money — Binance confiscated stocks alithinou intruders. According to jao, the confiscated funds will be directed to charity.

Currently, all system of the exchange is fully restored. Despite the fact that the exchange is working normally, traders have been warned to increase security measures to prevent phishing attempts in the future.

“Protection of our traders has always been and remains our top priority,” say representatives of the exchange.

Recall, the price of bitcoin fell 10% amid speculation about a possible break-in Binance.