One of the best miners of the algorithm CryptoNight for AMD — Cast XMR — updated to version 1.0.0 and got the support of new variations of this algorithm, as well as some improvements in terms of performance.

If a previous version of software supported algorithms CryptoNight, CryptoNight CryptoNight V7 and Heavy, version 1.0.0 added support for the CryptoNight algorithms Lite, CryptoNightV7 Lite and Lite CryptoNight RWS, so now Cast XMR supports all variations of “kryptonite”. It also introduces the command-line: —maxmem, it allows the miner to use all the available memory, which allows to increase Hasrat about 3%.

The algorithms supported by Cast XMR and command-line options for them:

  • CryptoNight: —algo=0
  • CryptoNight V7: —algo=1
  • CryptoNight Heavy: —algo=2
  • CryptoNight Lite: —algo=3
  • CryptoNightV7 Lite: —algo=4
  • CryptoNight Lite IPBC: —algo=5

Remember that Cast XMR — this miner is closed source and binary only available for 64-bit versions of Windows. In the executable file enclosing a Commission to the developers in the amount of 1.5%, but this remains the most productive software for graphics cards of AMD VEGA. However, it is suitable for farms on the cards AMD RX with a minimum of 4 gigabytes of video memory.