A leading company in the field of finding financial solutions for payments starts testing xRapid as a new platform for translation on the basis of XRP. This decision will allow the company to increase turnover and increase service quality. So, Cambridge became the sixth company, which has started trial use of XRP, joining Cuallix, MoneyGram, IDT Corporation, Mercury FX and Western Union.

“We strive to provide services cross-border transfers at high speed and with high transparency. We look forward to results in improving customer service, which will bring new development Ripple,” said managing Director of Cambridge mark Frey (Mark Frey).

Test on xRapid — a measure to expand cooperation Ripple and Cambridge. The company uses xCurrent, program for message exchange and settlement of transactions belonging to Ripple.

At the moment Cambridge client base includes 13 of the thousands of companies using remittances to pay for fuel, fees, rent and other expenses. The total annual transaction volume is 20 billion US dollars.