It seems that some people think that the company Bitmain lowered the price of your ASIC to start mining cryptocurrency on the basis of the algorithm CryptoNight – X3, however, in fact it is not. Bitmain has just posted on its website pre-orders for the third and fourth parties that HAS a and also removed pre-orders on the first, very expensive party. Antminer X3 the first series was sold for 11 $ 999, and the supply of equipment was to begin by the end of may. The cost of one HAS a the second instalment was $7599, and the users they will be in the end of June.

However, the most interesting thing is the prices and delivery times of new parties: third series miner asked 3 thousand dollars, and deliveries are scheduled to begin after supply the first batch HAS a. That is, Bitmain is simply “heated” all purchasers of the second series X3 Antminer — it sold to a third party miner should start faster, and it costs more than twice less. Note that for the equipment of the fourth party and asking is $ 1,900, but the delivery will start after all.

There is another “gotcha” that applies to all buyers Cryptonight ASIC Antminer X3 without exception, so if you pre-ordered or going to order this miner, we suggest that we carefully consider this idea. The fact that Monero (XMR) and a galaxy of other cryptocurrencies based on the algorithm CryptoNight going to do the forks on the new algorithm CryptoNightV7 that should lead to a complete failure of all the current ASIC miners of kryptonite. So we again suggest to wait with the purchase of the iron miners on the algorithm, you need to wait a few months until the situation becomes clearer.