MobileCoin, a new cryptocurrency with enhanced protection of privacy, will hold the ICO with an upper limit of $30 million under the leadership of Binance Labs, technology incubator exchange Binance. This is the blog of the company in the Medium announced yesterday it technologist Goldberg Joshua (Joshua Goldbard).

All investments will be denominated either in BTC or ETH. As writes TechCrunch, the terms of cooperation between MobileCoin and Binance, the new asset will have the status of “priority candidate” for holding a listing on the exchange.

In addition, the company has managed to attract to the work of the Creator of the messenger Signal Marlinspike moxie (Moxie Marlinspike); he became a technical consultant on the project. Shane Glynn (Shane Glynn), industrial Advisor to Google, has also joined MobileCoin in the office of legal counsel.

Cryptocurrency in a Whitepaper published in December 2017, said that its creators intend to release “fast, secure and easy to use the asset that will be able to work in an environment of scarce resources and is designed for users who are not able to store long encryption keys. At the same time, they will be provided with full control over the assets without intervention of the payment systems”.

According to media reports, MobileCoin will use the consensus Protocol was Stellar for network synchronization and scalability, and high-speed transaction processing. The final product will be integrated with instant messengers:

“MobileCoin works so that her purse easily compatible with WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Signal”.

The representative of the Binance Labs also commented on the upcoming investment round:

“Focused on mobile platforms and user-friendly cryptocurrency such as MobileCoin plays a fundamental role in the mass introduction of cryptocurrencies. Team MobileCoin and Binance Labs brings together a vision of the future, and we are happy to support their business.”

Partnership with Stellar will also benefit MobileCoin: today Stellar is one of the main competitor to Ethereum in ensuring ICO. Earlier this month, the company signed an agreement with canadian manufacturer of marijuana Nezly.