The ten with the largest numbers of declared patents that use bitcoin, includes the five major banks. According to statistics, Bitcoin Patent Report, all financial organizations have filed 148 applications, 45 of which belong to Bank of America.

Writes growth in patent activity among banks due to the need to compensate for the missed opportunity caused by the initial skepticism to the blockchain technology. The publication also claims that some companies from the list you can afford to test their own development, regardless of the damage. So, the Toronto-Dominion Bank (85 000 employees) and Fidelity (45 000 employees) can direct a portion of labor resources to new research and methods of application of patents. If successful, the banks will benefit from the use of their technologies, while damages from a failure would be negligible. suggests that the actual patent numbers much more. Because the patent is published after 18 months after the application, in fact, the number of patents can reach 500. This statement is based on the assumption media that during this period, the cryptocurrency market significantly increased its investment capacity and, in General, has expanded considerably.

In addition to the banking sector among the leaders in the number of registered patents for the bitcoin technology includes PayPal, Visa, Mastercard International, China Unionpay and others. It is precisely known that one of the developments is a PayPal system accelerated transaction-based cryptocurrency. The full global report is available upon request at [email protected]