American manufacturer of graphics cards (GPU) Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) upgraded one of their drivers to increase performance cryptocurrency mining.

As published on the official company website the description of the release of the Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition 18.3.4, the developers explain that one aspect of the modernization of the driver is directed to solving the problems of efficiency when using GPU for mining.

“Under certain workloads, work-related in the blockchain, could be observed a worse performance than expected, in comparison with the previous releases Radeon Software”, — said in a release.

We will note, in August last year, the release of Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition Beta drivers that improve the GPU when mining cryptocurrencies, making a card is not only more suitable for computations in the blockchain, but not unique — according to the product description, the driver “is not meant to work with graphics or games.”

When this product was released on an “As is” (“As-is”) according to the description, the developers had not provided “further updates, upgrades or fixing bugs”. Probably, thus AMD has demonstrated that it has no plans to permanently correct problems of cryptocurrency miners.

It should take into account the fact that the AMD developers acknowledged that the decline in demand for graphics cards from cryptocurrency miners may have a “significant negative impact” on the company’s business.

At the same time, the analysts of the leading research companies wall Street Susquehanna downgraded forecasts for the AMD shares from $13 to $7,50, given that the largest producer of Bitmain miners started the production of Ethereum ASIC miners.