CoinMarketCap has caused a wave of criticism in connection with the capitalization Ripple

Cryptocurrency tracker CoinMarketCap (CMC) is once again accused of providing incorrect data; in particular, the turnover of XRP. As admitted by the company itself, its system does not include the turnover of Unallocated..

U.S. authorities are developing a system to track transactions on anonymous blockchains

The research group of the Department of homeland security published a paper on the preliminary consideration of measures deanonimizatsii "user private" of the block chain type zcash for and Monero. The text of the docum..

Binance has released a demo of its decentralized exchange

Today, the crypto currency exchange Binance has published a new video demonstrating functionality to its decentralized platform. Video shows in more detail the interface Binance DEX and embedded web wallet and blockchain..

Poloniex has launched accounts for institutional clients

American cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex announced early support for the special accounts for institutional clients. The new service will allow Poloniex various large financial institutions to trade cryptocurrency pair..

Nasdaq has officially confirmed the launch of bitcoin futures in the “first half of...

Vice President of the American stock exchange Nasdaq media relations Joseph Christinat (Joseph Christinat) confirmed the start of trading bitcoin futures in the "first half of 2019". His comment appeared yesterday mornin..

Nasdaq and Fidelity were the main investors of the crypto currency exchange ErisX

Nasdaq Ventures and Fidelity Investments led the second round investment cryptocurrency exchanges ErisX. At the end of the round platform has managed to raise $27.5 million; it also took part manufacturer mining equipmen..

Kakao Corp. will hold a closed ICO; the planned volume of investments will make...

The South Korean company Kakao will hold a private ICO. According to local media reports, Kakao chose this model as a compromise solution that would allow it to attract big investors, without violating the constraints on..

Rumor: largest payment service Holland will add support for Ripple XRP

The Dutch payment system Mollie, according to rumors, will soon add support for cryptocurrencies Ripple (XRP). This was told by one Twitter user, referring to the Creator of the application XRP TipBot Weiz Windows (Wiets..

The owner of the EOS-node offered users rewards for the choice of host as...

One of the official creators of the data blocks of the network the EOS, authorized to decisions through Consensus, offered users a financial reward for choice of node as a proxy. In a post published on Medium, the owner..

IOTA Foundation and RIDDLE&CODE develop a secure transaction system between IoT devices

Company IOTA Foundation became a partner of blockchain startups RIDDLE&CODE to create a secure system of data transfer from the sensors to a distributed registry. About IOTA announced in its official blog. Under the par..

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Users urged Ripple “stop leak” XRP

Holders of the bitcoin and Ripple (XRP) created a petition on the website in which urge the company to "stop drain" tokens XRP. "Ripple continues to pour billions of tokens, XRP, causing the price to fall! [..

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