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Huobi has launched a platform for trading cryptocurrency derivatives

Cryptocurrency exchange Huobi from Singapore launched a platform for derivatives trading in the digital currency. Presentation platform called Derivative Market Huobi (Huobi DM) was held at the conference Cryptofrontier..

Binance, presented a demo version of a decentralized platform Binance Chain

CEO of the cryptocurrency exchange of Hong Kong Binance, Chanpen Zhao (Changpeng Zhao) has announced a demo version of a decentralized platform Twitter. Zhao to the tweet attached a 6-minute video, which shows an early ..

S7 made aircraft with blockchain app

One of the largest Russian airline S7 had spent refueling the aircraft using applications based on the blockchain for the purpose of tracking data and transmission of documents related to the process of ensuring aircraft..

In the PC version of the Opera browser has a built-in cryptocurrency wallet

Norwegian vendor Opera Software adds support for the built-in crypto-currency purse functionality to the desktop version of the browser. Writes with reference to the developers Bitcoin.com the decision was made due to "o..

The chip manufacturer for mining TSMC reported about the expected profit decline

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), one of the leading manufacturers of mining chips, reported a smaller expected profit. In the company of the decline associated with loss of interest in the cryptocurrenc..

CEO Ripple: most digital assets will disappear from the market

Ripple CEO brad Garlinghouse (Brad Garlinghouse) said that more than 90% of the cryptocurrency and token sooner or later out of circulation. His prognosis entrepreneur shared during an interview with the online edition o..

Daily trading volume on the derivatives market Huobi broke the $1 billion mark

According to a statement by exchange Huobi, daily trading volume of the cryptocurrency contracts recently launched on the derivatives market Huobi Derivatives Market (DM) exceeded $1 billion. Huobi Global, currently hol..

Weiss Ratings has published a new rating of cryptocurrency; a positive assessment of only...

Rating Agency Weiss Ratings has published an updated ranked list of cryptocurrencies. Analysts Weiss assigned a positive rating (above "B -"), only four assets: XRP, Stellar, EOS and Cardano. According to the Weiss scal..

Skrill announced the integration of Ripple XRP

Electronic payment system Skrill has announced the addition of XRP to the list of traded cryptocurrencies. The exact reason for the inclusion of the XRP in the portfolio Skrill is unknown, but from the announcement made ..

CEO Binance: the bull market will be back

Co-founder and CEO of cryptocurrency exchange Binance, Chanpen Zhao (Changpeng Zhao) believe that mass market growth is inevitable. In an interview with the Crypto Globe, the businessman said that "historically a good pe..

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Users urged Ripple “stop leak” XRP

Holders of the bitcoin and Ripple (XRP) created a petition on the website Change.org in which urge the company to "stop drain" tokens XRP. "Ripple continues to pour billions of tokens, XRP, causing the price to fall! [..

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