Co-founder will open its first Australian scriptbank

IT-entrepreneur and co-founder of the comparative catalogue Fred Šebesta (Fred Schebesta) announced plans to open Australia's first Bank specializing in cryptocurrencies. He told this in an interview with the ..

Baikal has introduced a new dual ASIC miner

A few years ago the market went Gridseed ASIC is able to produce two simultaneously cryptocurrencies — BTC and LTC. About these devices quickly forgotten, but the company Baikal Miner recently introduced a new dual miner..

CoinGate has completed testing of the Lightning Network; network to connect 4000 outlets

Today cryptocurrency payments processor CoinGate became a full member of the Lightning Network. Ofchain structure for fast processing of transactions in bitcoin will use all 4,000 commercial enterprises using the service..

Again, the SEC rejected the application of the Winklevoss brothers on the check bitcoin...

The Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) again rejected the request of the investors Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss (Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss) for registration of the exchange-traded Fund (ETF). For ..

Bitfinex has halted escrow services in several currencies

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex temporarily deactivated the function of deposits in euros, Renminbi, US dollars, British pounds and Japanese yen. Representatives of the exchange did not name the exact reason, but assure..

The Verkhovna Rada will consider the bill on the moratorium on the taxation of...

Verkhovna Rada Deputy Yuriy Derevyanko announced on Monday that the Parliament should within the week to consider a bill oblegchenno tax regime for miners and crypto investors. In particular, we are talking about exempti..

Kakao Corp. will hold a closed ICO; the planned volume of investments will make...

The South Korean company Kakao will hold a private ICO. According to local media reports, Kakao chose this model as a compromise solution that would allow it to attract big investors, without violating the constraints on..

A subsidiary of Overstock became an investor decentralized social network Minds

A subsidiary venture company Overstock, Medici Ventures, announced the funding of a decentralized social network Minds, Inc. In a press release said that investments Medici will be part of the total stock of investments..

Poloniex exchange will close trading on margin and the function of Lending to U.S....

American cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex will exclude the margin and loan products from its offer for American users, and will refuse to listing three digital assets — the statement was published yesterday. Poloniex is..

The results of the hearings in the Us Congress: members optimistic

In the U.S. Congress held hearings devoted to the cryptocurrency. Quite a positive tone was set by representatives of the Committee on agriculture of the United States, discussing the potential impact that digital assets..

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Users urged Ripple “stop leak” XRP

Holders of the bitcoin and Ripple (XRP) created a petition on the website in which urge the company to "stop drain" tokens XRP. "Ripple continues to pour billions of tokens, XRP, causing the price to fall! [..

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