The Venezuelan Petro — the “obvious” copy of the Dash?

The Venezuelan Petro cryptocurrency (PTR) provided by oil, apparently, is "obvious" copy of the Dash: Petro has the same algorithm for mining similar functions, as part of its white paper and does appear to be borrowed f..

CBA and partners have successfully used the blockchain Ethereum for international delivery

Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) announced the successful completion of the experiment using the blockchain to the global shipping. Load, 17 tonnes of almonds were shipped from Victoria (Australia) to Hamburg (German..

Sergey Brin admitted that the mines Ethereum

Co-founder of Google Sergey Brin talked about his fascination with mining ETH. During yesterday's speech at the Blockchain Summit in 2018 he also said that packaged the your ten year old son: "A year or two ago, my son ..

Twitter CEO: we are studying blockchain solutions to problems, including the fight against fraud

The CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey (Jack Dorsey) said that his company is exploring the possibility of integrating a blockchain solutions on their platform. Dorsey was invited to the Congressional hearings of the house Comm..

Again, the SEC rejected the application of the Winklevoss brothers on the check bitcoin...

The Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) again rejected the request of the investors Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss (Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss) for registration of the exchange-traded Fund (ETF). For ..

The SEC has deferred a decision on the registration of five bitcoin ETF

The Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) has deferred a decision on the registration of five bitcoin exchange-traded Fund (ETF). Messages about it appeared in last Tuesday. All five applications were f..

IBM introduced support for third-party cloud services for blockchain-platform

IBM has announced the introduction of a compatible IBM Blockchain Platform with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and other third-party cloud services. Programmers, who will test the trial version of the updated platform will re..

The exchange Poloniex launches official mobile app for Android and iOS

American cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex has launched its first official mobile app for the trading of virtual assets. According to the statement in the blog of the startup Circle, which owns the exchange, the app is a..

The Hong Kong regulator has issued rules for funds investing in cryptocurrency

The Commission on securities and futures (SFC), based in Hong Kong, has released a document outlining guidelines for the funds, working with cryptocurrency. Also, the authority stated that it can proceed to formal regula..

IOTA announced the beginning of work of the Council of developers

The IOTA Foundation has announced the beginning of work of the Council of developers. New authority will oversee the work of a growing number of researchers and programmers, collaborating with IOTA. Post about it was pub..

ICO News

Users urged Ripple “stop leak” XRP

Holders of the bitcoin and Ripple (XRP) created a petition on the website in which urge the company to "stop drain" tokens XRP. "Ripple continues to pour billions of tokens, XRP, causing the price to fall! [..

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