Urgent: the procedure of liquidation of the assets of Mt. Gox replaced by the...

Today, the district court of Tokyo decided to process of compensation of losses from bankruptcy cryptocurrency exchange Mt. Gox in the form of civil rehabilitation. It is reported by CCN. The decision was taken after co..

Nursultan Nazarbayev: necessary to proceed with the development of the General rules of the...

The President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev called on world leaders to create a unified regulatory framework for cryptocurrency sector. During his speech at the Astana economic forum this Thursday, ..

In Japan started the first criminal case against the miners engaged in secret mining...

Japanese police are investigating the three suspects using Coinhive — javascript-miner that is designed for covert mining Monero. As reported by Japanese newspaper Mainichi, the police have reason to believe that last y..

The head of Fidelity: by the end of the year we will introduce its...

American company the asset management Fidelity Investments promised by year-end to introduce its own cryptocurrency projects. Information revealed CEO Abigail Johnson (Abigail Johnson) during the annual conference of Fin..

The FATF will represent the international AML standard in October

Group of development of financial measures against money laundering (FATF) has promised to provide the international standard for combating money laundering (AML) in the cryptocurrency field by October. The FATF is an i..

The Bank for international settlements: the blockchain can lead to failures in the operation...

An international financial institution, the Bank for international settlements (BIS) has criticized the cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology published on 17 June, the Chapter titled "Cryptocurrencies: looking beyon..

Economist: cryptocurrency could solve the Triffin dilemma, replacing the dollar

Cryptocurrency could be the solution to the contradictions called the Triffin dilemma facing the U.S. dollar. To this conclusion, an economist at the Federal reserve Bank of St. Louis, Missouri, USA. Federal reserve Ban..

Parity recommends that you upgrade client after you have discovered a critical bug

The developers Parity fixed a critical vulnerability discovered in one of the most popular clients of the Ethereum blockchain. A message appeared in the blog Parity Technologies. "Please update your nodes as soon as pos..

Banks in Italy has successfully conducted a series of internal charges in the network...

The Association of banks of Italy (ABI) has successfully completed a series of test of internal transfers using the blockchain R3 Corda. About this last Saturday, reported local news Agency Ansa. Testing began on 4 June..

Bank of America has filed a patent application for a blockchain-based system for data...

Bank of America (BoA) has applied to patent a new blockchain systems that allow for external validation of data. The application was accepted by the patent and trademark office (USPTO) on July 17. The document stated th..

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The annual turnover of OTC-grounds Circle amounted to $24 billion

The volume of trading for OTC trading (OTC) Trade Circle in 2018 amounted to $24 billion. About the company Circle said in its official blog on Medium. According to published data, over the past year, the Circle held o..

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