Coinbase customers can withdraw purses tokens-BTC forks

Coinbase announced the introduction of output options in Althing that result from a fork of Bitcoin. In the company blog on Medium says that the changes will take effect in the coming months. "The changes will make it e..

NEM Foundation launches blockchain hub in Melbourne

The startup is launching a new NEM blockchain hub in Melbourne, Australia. According to the publication Finder, the hub will become a base for training programmes and various events in the field of blockchain and crypto..

Foxconn will help Sirin Labs to create a blockchain-smartphone

Foxconn Technology Group, the world's largest contract electronics manufacturer, which participates in the production of such products as the iPhone, Kindle and PlayStation, now going to participate in the promotion of c..

Goldman Sachs has denied the news about the refusal of trading cryptocurrency

Financial Director at Goldman Sachs, Marty Chavez (Marty Chavez) has denied news that the Bank refused to develop crypto products and services. During yesterday's speech at the conference TechCrunch Disrupt Conference, C..

SRBMiner received the support forks of the Haven and Masari

Looks like a soft-miner SRBMiner becoming one of the main for cryptocurrency mining on algorithms family CryptoNight using AMD hardware. The developers provide their offspring fast and quality support, as well as the tim..

The browser maker Brave: We HODLим, despite market conditions

The Creator of the Brave browser, Firefox, and JavaScript Brendan Eich (Brendan Eich) said that he and his team adhere to a strategy HODL, like all "smart investors". The programmer gave an extensive interview to the res..

Barry Silbert: a fork of Bitcoin Cash is a red herring, misleading new investors

Founder of Digital Currency Group (DGG) Barry Silbert (Barry Silbert) spoke about his vision of the current state of the cryptocurrency industry. One of the earliest supporters of the development of the industry and the ..

Reducing the cost of Nvidia: the real reasons

The market capitalization of the manufacturer of graphics processors (GPU) Nvidia fell to $23 billion in connection with the decline in stock prices. Analysts rushed to explain the situation to the fall in demand on the ..

Japanese banks will use Ripple technology in the United service application

Japanese banks will use Ripple technology at the joint service application. The top three banks of test a distributed registry on the blockchain includes SBI Sumishin Netbank, Suruga Bank, and Resona Bank member Consorti..

Bitmain Antminer X3 Cryptonight ASIC’s new party, and rates

It seems that some people think that the company Bitmain lowered the price of your ASIC to start mining cryptocurrency on the basis of the algorithm CryptoNight – X3, however, in fact it is not. Bitmain has just posted o..

ICO News

The annual turnover of OTC-grounds Circle amounted to $24 billion

The volume of trading for OTC trading (OTC) Trade Circle in 2018 amounted to $24 billion. About the company Circle said in its official blog on Medium. According to published data, over the past year, the Circle held o..

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