Saturday, February 23, 2019

SAFT-tocancel KodakCoin scheduled for may 21

Company WENN Digital, organizer ICO KodakCoin, has appointed start SAFT-licensee on may 21 to raise $50 million investment. The placement of a token (simple agreement for future tokens) suggests that to participate in it..

Walmart patent the use of blockchain technology in the Autonomous delivery

According to the published patent application, once the packets from Walmart can begin to deliver Autonomous vehicles, connected via the blockchain. The retail giant filed an application to the Office of patents and trad..

Fundstrat: by the end of 2019 bitcoin could reach $64 thousand

Fundstrat Global Advisors analysts argue that the price of bitcoin could reach $64 thousand by the end of 2019, but most likely $36 thousand per coin. In the new study, Fundstrat head of research at Fundstrat Sam Dr. Sam..

In Sirin Labs called the basic characteristics of cryptocanthon Finney

Company Sirin Labs has published data on the main characteristics of cryptocanthon Finney, for the development which in December of last year attracted $157 million investment from 12500 users. Technical parameters of th..

Leading venture investors invested $2 million in “Avito for cryptococal”

Cryptococci are not interchangeable, and other digital knick-knacks, thanks to the new standards, including ERC-721, continue to attract huge amount of investment. Now to spend money on them (or conversely, money) has be..

GMO Internet during the first quarter of 2018 got 906 537 BTC and BCH

Japanese IT conglomerate, GMO Internet in the first quarter of 2018 reported found 906 537 bitcoins and Bitcoin Cash despite the fact that in the last month increased mining capacity by almost two times. In March, the co..

Cryptocurrency as a payment system concern, think of BoA

Technical Director of Bank of America (BoA) said that cryptocurrencies are preventing the authorities to catch the “bad guys” because they are opaque payment system. Participating in the transmission of CNBC “Squawk Box”..

Investor: bitcoin may lose out to competitors like Betamax lost to VHS

With the maturation of the cryptocurrency market bitcoin could be supplanted by competitors in the same way as Betamax lost to VHS in the battle of video formats in the consumer market in the 1980s. This opinion was expr..

Ripple presented the results of the first pilot projects with the token XRP

Provider of financial services distributed Ripple published the first pilot projects using the token XRP and technology xRapid. As stated in the official statement Ripple that participated in the pilot financial institut..

Payment platform Metaps Plus adds support Cardano

One of South Korea's largest platform for mobile payments Metaps Plus adds the possibility of payment in bitcoin Cardano (ADA) with the assistance of the blockchain, the company Emurgo. About this informed the head of Ca..

ICO News

The annual turnover of OTC-grounds Circle amounted to $24 billion

The volume of trading for OTC trading (OTC) Trade Circle in 2018 amounted to $24 billion. About the company Circle said in its official blog on Medium. According to published data, over the past year, the Circle held o..

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