The IMF has warned about the serious impact of cryptocurrency on the global financial...

A recent report by the International monetary Fund (IMF) said that the continued rapid growth of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will seriously affect the functioning of the international financial system and open up ..

20 Thai kryptomere applied for a license from the SEC

20 cryptocurrency exchanges in Thailand have applied to the Commission on securities and exchange Commission of Thailand (SEC) for a license for companies working with digital assets. The new licensing system came into f..

CEO Brave urged the U.S. Senate to develop standards in the field of data...

The head of the company developing the web browser with the function of the cryptocurrency Finance Brave, wrote a letter to the U.S. Senate, urging lawmakers to adopt regulations in the field of data privacy similar to t..

New calculator bitcoin mining promises to tell “the truth about profitability”

"We joke that it's a calculator "non-profit" bitcoin", so the technical Director RandomCrypto, Josh Metnick (Josh Metnick) described the company's recently released tool that calculates the profitability of bitcoin minin..

Steven Pelley: bitcoin too early to write off

An analyst at the Washington legal company Anderson Kill (USA) Stephen Pelley (Stephen Palley) stated that the cryptocurrency should not be discarded. In a Bloomberg interview aired yesterday, the analyst also explained ..

Yahoo Finance started trading Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum

Yesterday Yahoo Finance has completed the listing of Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC) on its platform. This is the only traded on Yahoo Finance cryptocurrency; for the remaining assets of this class conta..

ING Bank has developed a blockchain solution to increase privacy

Dutch ING Bank has released a new blockchain solution to protect sensitive data under the name of Zero-Knowledge Set Membership (ZKSM). The representatives of the Bank announced at the conference Sibos in Sydney. The Ba..

IBM has launched a universal payment system based on Stellar

IBM announced the official launch of the payment system on the basis of the Stellar Protocol. The platform is called "World Wire". The news about the launch appeared yesterday on the official blog of the Corporation. St..

“The Central Bank of Central banks” again denies the value of bitcoin

The head of the Bank for international settlements (BIS), Agustin Carstens (Agustin Carstens) once again criticized bitcoin. Contrary to the opinion of crypto-enthusiasts, positioning a leading cryptocurrency as a specu..

Bank of America has filed a patent application for a blockchain-based system for data...

Bank of America (BoA) has applied to patent a new blockchain systems that allow for external validation of data. The application was accepted by the patent and trademark office (USPTO) on July 17. The document stated th..

ICO News

The annual turnover of OTC-grounds Circle amounted to $24 billion

The volume of trading for OTC trading (OTC) Trade Circle in 2018 amounted to $24 billion. About the company Circle said in its official blog on Medium. According to published data, over the past year, the Circle held o..

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