Friday, February 22, 2019

The Hong Kong regulator has issued rules for funds investing in cryptocurrency

The Commission on securities and futures (SFC), based in Hong Kong, has released a document outlining guidelines for the funds, working with cryptocurrency. Also, the authority stated that it can proceed to formal regula..

The brothers Winklevoss patent system for the secure storage of digital assets

Entrepreneurs, the brothers Winklevoss (Winklevoss) filed another patent application in the patent and trademark office (USPTO), this time, with description of a new system for the secure storage of digital assets. The ..

IBM and Columbia University will create a blockchain accelerators

IBM has teamed up with Columbia University to create two blockchain accelerators, the purpose of which is to support young projects. Each accelerator will support ten startups. Overall, both entities are part of the cen..

SEC Thailand: more ICO projects and companies working with digital currencies, seek to obtain...

In Thailand, the process of licensing projects ICO and companies that work with cryptocurrency. As we have already mentioned, the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) of Thailand asked 50 projects ICO a..

Cryptocurrency hedge Fund Michael Arrington will cease to Finance start-UPS from USA

Hedge Fund Arrington XRP Capital focused on digital assets, stop funding for all startups from the United States. Founder Michael Arrington (Michael Arrington), also known as the founder of TechCrunch, wrote in his Twit..

Released the latest test version of Raiden before running mainnet

The decision for scaling Ethereum called Raiden launched a new test network. According to the developers, it will be the final before release mainnet. Yesterday at the developers conference Dappcon, which was held in Be..

CEO Ripple: most digital assets will disappear from the market

Ripple CEO brad Garlinghouse (Brad Garlinghouse) said that more than 90% of the cryptocurrency and token sooner or later out of circulation. His prognosis entrepreneur shared during an interview with the online edition o..

Forex provider CLS begins the final stage of testing its blockchain-project for banks

The international system of conversion of foreign exchange transactions CLS is now in its final testing stage of its service of interbank payments on the blockchain. According to the publication Financial News, concern ..

PundiX presented the blockchain smartphone XPhone

Today the Singapore company PundiX demonstrated the decentralized mobile OS on a smartphone XPhone. Software and telecommunications components of the device are placed on the blockchain. It is expected that the XPhone wi..

Analyst: XLM outperforms XRP; ETH will drop to $120

Statistician and trader Ecosystems LLC Nick B (Nick Core) gave a forecast for the market condition. The analyst believes that the rate of Ethereum will inevitably drops to $120, and Stellar Lumen will pass XRP capitaliza..

ICO News

The annual turnover of OTC-grounds Circle amounted to $24 billion

The volume of trading for OTC trading (OTC) Trade Circle in 2018 amounted to $24 billion. About the company Circle said in its official blog on Medium. According to published data, over the past year, the Circle held o..

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