Startup Loom Network with the support of Techstars received a $25 million investment and launched a platform that allows developers to run scalable and decentralized social apps or games directly on the blockchain.

By using the blockchain, users will have its own copy of all data and the server can not be disabled arbitrarily without the approval of the community.

“Bitcoin was the world’s first bloccano, decentralized database of financial transactions that cannot be faked, falsified or modified. Ethereum took a step forward, allowing users to download the blockchain indelible snippets, which are called smart contracts. Loom Network is the next logical stage of evolution – it allows developers on a large scale to run such permanent applications,” explained co-founder of Loom Network James Duffy.

In Loom Network note that at the moment DApps launched into the blockchains, it is impossible to effectively scale because they compete with other decentralized applications network for the same limited computing resources. This increases the cost and reduces the speed of even the most simple applications.

Loom DApps Network provides a more impressive zoom capabilities due to the fact that each application runs on its own blockchain – so-called “DAppChain” – which will work in parallel Ethereum smart contract.

The developers are confident that this will enable you to avoid those problems which users faced Ethereum after the appearance CryptoKitties. As you know, the game is literally “set the network to its knees”: all the usual transaction got stuck for a few days due to unexpected congestion on the network.

To quickly create DApps developers will be able to use the tools of the Network Loom.

To emphasize the idea DAppChain, startup Loom Network recently launched the website DelegateCall, a social platform questions and answers for developers. In fact, the service is an analog to Stack Overflow, is completely based on blockchain Loom.

In Loom, the Network also has application – the fastest growing resource that teaches to create decentralized applications in Ethereum.