A well-known blogger and bitcoin enthusiast Andreas Antonopoulos warned holders of bitcoins about the “high price” that they pay for “free” tokens forks of the blockchain of Bitcoin.

Speaking during an online conference Q & a, Antonopoulos stated that he always refused coins are in the framework of hardporno.

“For “giveaways” have to pay a very heavy price, in particular talking about the loss of privacy”.

The owners of bitcoins in 2017 several times had the opportunity to benefit from the forks of bitcoin, for example, during BCash — the first major hard forks, which was followed by others offering “free coins”: Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Diamond, Bitcoin Super.

So what is the problem of coins from forks? As explained Antonopoulos, most users cashing tokens use a primitive method that combines all UTXL in a single transaction:

“Congratulations, you just tied all these addresses together. Now all who follow the industry, know exactly what you own and which addresses belong to you.”

Antonopoulos added:

“If at least one of these addresses is associated with the exchange, adhering to the KYC rules, and all the rest of your addresses now identified. That is the price you pay for getting “free coins. Isn’t it too high?”.

Although the process airdrop has become very popular in the cryptocurrency community, the regulators have begun to publish warnings of the legal consequences of participation in it. In February, U.S. regulators stated that it does not descend from the ICO eye and tax liabilities for the cryptocurrency exchanges will become more serious.