Co-founder of research firm Fundstrat Global Advisors and financial analyst Tom Lee (Tom Lee) predicts that by March 28, 2020, the price of bitcoin could reach $91 thousand

Their forecasts Lee and his team based on the newly created database on quotes bitcoin, consisting of charts and graphs, define the long-term and short-term perspectives the first cryptocurrency.

Fundstrat published a new chart showing that the price of bitcoin dropped 70% or more four times already in 2010. After three previous downs quotes first cryptocurrency was significantly increased, outperforming for the period of any assets in terms of profitability. So last fall 70% of Fundstrat analysts consider it a good sign for bitcoin.

The chart is made in a logarithmic scale, so the price movements of bitcoin are not as bright as on the line graphs.

Favorable prognosis for bitcoin in the near future Fundstrat also distributes other leading cryptocurrencies. The analysts suggest that in the ranks of the more than 1,500 currently existing cryptocurrency will be a serious cleaning. Large corporations will invest in only some of them.

We will remind that earlier the Fact Whether the predicted growth of bitcoin prices up to $25 thousand by the end of this year and $125 thousand by 2022. But recently, analysts Fundstrat calculated that the current quotes are the first cryptocurrency to a level close to break-even its mining.