The Swiss city of Zug this summer will hold a trial municipal vote using blockchain technology, reports

The event, scheduled for the period from 25 June to 1 July, will be the first vote in Switzerland, that uses the blockchain.

According to media reports, the upcoming trial vote will allow us to test the functionality launched in November 2017 digital system ID (eID) that will allow citizens to vote using their mobile devices.

In addition to voting on petty municipal Affairs, the citizens will be asked whether the eID system based on the blockchain be used for voting in the future. As the upcoming vote is a trial, its results will not be binding on city authorities.

After creating “Cryptocoryne”, a global hub for the development of cryptocurrency and blockchain Zug was one of the “world’s leading ecosystem for cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology a distributed registry. In 2016 Zug accept bitcoin as payment for some municipal services.

Thanks to the “Cryptocoryne” and tax-free policy for captainvalor Switzerland is considered the most friendly to the blockchain country in Europe.

As previously reported, in January 2018 the overseas office in the Swiss Canton of Zug opened a Chinese bitcoin company Bitmain.

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