Analysts from Zerononcense stated that it had found traces of the lost cryptocurrency assets of canadian exchange QuadrigaCX to the amount of $90 million.

In its report, the experts indicate the transaction 649 708 ETH from QuadrigaCX wallets for cryptocurrency exchange, Poloniex, Bitfinex and Kraken. However, the head of Kraken Jesse Powell said that Kraken no money from the purses of QuadrigaCX. The study argues that there is a high probability that the funds QuadrigaCX is currently stored in Poloniex and Bitfinex.

On the basis of comprehensive analysis of the Director General MyCrypto Taylor Monaghan, analytical company Elementus (which quoted The Wall Street Journal) and author of this report, it is possible with high probability to say that the funds QuadrigaCX are on Poloniex and Bitfinex.

If the lost funds are QuadrigaCX on these exchanges, they must be returned to the user. In addition, it refutes the story that the exchange could not obtain access to your funds due to the sudden death of its founder Jerry Cotto, who allegedly single-handedly controlled users. But we cannot say definitely that the funds noted in the report have not been withdrawn and are currently on the listed exchanges.

According to the study, the last transaction with the alleged ETH-purse QuadrigaCX dated 8 December 2018 — less than 24 hours after the head of the QuadrigaCX died in India.

The date of the last outgoing transaction is of particular interest in this case, because Jerry Cotten died on 9 December 2018.

Thus, termination of further activity on these purses seems to confirm the idea that Jerry Cotten indeed managed assets QuadrigaCX and that his sudden death led to the loss of access to the wallets. Therefore, if the funds left the exchange after December 9, the argument that the exchange had lost control over custom tools because of the death of the Director-General, is unwarranted.

Jesse Powell, CEO of Kraken, said that in the interests of QuadrigaCX customers to search for lost funds on other exchanges, because in this case they can be returned.

The best hope that we have customers QuadrigaCX, if Cotten kept customer funds on other exchanges. Unfortunately, nothing on Kraken. I hope others explore this question. Maybe the accounts were created under different names, so it may take time to find them.

The General Director of MyCrypto Taylor Monaghan suggested that QuadrigaCX was able to create fake accounts on other exchanges, using the personal data of their customers. Although no evidence of such activity was not detected, the probability of this still exists. Monaghan says:

Don’t forget that Quadriga comply with COUSCOUS . They have a bunch of user data and with these data they were able to open accounts for any exchange to transfer the money.

Recall that the Kraken has promised to pay $100,000 (in Fiat or cryptocurrency) for information that can help to return the assets of QuadrigaCX.

Zerononcense: $90 million missing assets QuadrigaCX could be displayed on Poloniex and Bitfinex