YPTOSpace: overcoming the barrier for adoption and use of cryptocurrency. With a new payment system without a fee, allowing you to pay in any currency.

You want the lowest Commission on the market, regardless of currency? Did you know that you can pay or receive payment using your wallet anywhere in the world? Payment in bitcoin or the Fiat of your choice, regardless of which currency is requested. Instant payments with zero fees!

YPTOSpace platform unites all aspects of daily life, using the power of blockchain technology to make it useful for the global community: throughout the world. You can start to manage your finances and cryptocurrency in one platform, gaining instant results and with the lowest available Commission.

This is a major breakthrough for cryptocurrencies and payments!


In YPTOspace is only part of what is available for valuable users.

YPTOCOIN at a low price the first phase at USD 0.01 only available to those who have created an account YPTO.SPACE until March 25. The second phase of the ICO will be open to the public from 1 April at a price of 0.02 USD.

Price YPTOcoin will be dictated by the market after the initial sale of the coins. The first public investors are encouraged to buy early at a low price in the first stage of ICO and to the fourth stage of the investment value of the coin will have profit because it is available at a higher price.

YPTOcoin as a form of payment that is ahead of any other cryptocurrency, making the transition from cryptocurrencies to paper payments easier and cheaper than any other currently offered.


“Many of us use the cryptocurrency on a daily basis – from games to Commerce, using the cryptocurrency offers a number of advantages, but it can be a chore, as many applications and platforms is fragmented and difficult to access”


“What if there was only one platform that could simplify all your cryptographic needs in one place? Well, now there”.

The Decision YPTOspace

YPTOspace will act as a personal platform, providing users a variety of products and services, including:

  • cryptocurrency trading platform with the lowest Commission in the market;
  • Payment solution where people can pay instantly and with zero Commission, using any cryptocurrency or Fiat, regardless of what currency is requested;
  • Prepaid cards, which can be replenished cryptocurrency or Fiat multi-currency Bank accounts;
  • Sports betting platform casinos available in any country and allow people to play and wager by means of cryptography;
  • The Automated Trading Bot, which does not require prior programming experience, which gives professional cryptocurrency traders the opportunity to formulate and test trading strategies.

Platform YPTOspace provides users with:

  • Security for each transaction, using high-speed technology of the blockchain.
  • anonymous transactions using automated protocols blockchain
  • The ability to use bitcoin and Fiat for simultaneous trade and payment in real time with minimum stock exchange commissions on the cryptocurrency market.

YPTOspace represents the latest and most dynamic cryptocurrency ecosystem to provide a broader range of users more opportunity to use cryptocurrency in all forms of everyday life – from shopping to crypto-currencies, gambling and sports betting. Platform developers intend to bring

TradeYPTO offers the lowest Commission and a single platform for the sale of cryptocurrency YPTO and sharing with US dollars and euros.

With PayYPTOyou can pay with bitcoin or Fiat of your choice, regardless of which currency is requested, instantly and with zero fees. And you can use the money in our services in YPTOspace or just remove them.

CardYPTO stores all easily, safely in one place. Upload your map EUR or USD and pay in crypto-currencies in equivalent value.

BetYPTO a Complete platform for betting where you can bet on various sports and casino using the cryptocurrency.

All you need to do the safe and smart bet: best odds, lowest commissions, sports betting real-time betting in a casino

BankYPTO integrates your wallets that you send and receive multi-currency Bank transfers.

BotYPTO includes a complete set of tools to easily and without any knowledge of programming to develop your own bot.

Decentralized cryptocurrency YPTOcoin is a new cryptocurrency from YPTOspace for the purchase and sale of a wide range of products and services, including the referral program YPTO.

YPTOpace here to disrupt the way we deal with money, and break the bridge between bitcoin and paper currency”. Gregory Stoos, CEO YPTOspace.