Yale University, investing in a variety of assets (from Puerto Rican bonds to wood in new Hampshire), decided to become a member of cryptofauna Paradigm, which manages assets of $400 million reported by Bloomberg.

The Paradigm Foundation was recently founded by co-founder of Coinbase Fred Ersama, a former partner of Sequoia Capital Matt Huang and a former employee of cryptofauna Pantera Capital Charles Noyce.

The Yale Fund contains about $30 billion, and they have more than 30 years manages David Swensen, a pioneer in institutional investment. In American colleges today is around $550 billion, and Yale security ranks second after Harvard. Almost 60% of the assets of Yale University in the 2019 financial year will go to alternative investments, including venture capital, hedge funds and borrowed funds.

Paradigm, which has already invested venture capital company Sequoia Capital, plans to invest in cryptocurrency and blockchain projects in the early stages. Note that Yale is a longtime investor Andreessen Horowitz, a venture capital company, which in June launched cription $300 million.