According to The Wall Street Journal, the former head of the infamous us company Enron Jeffrey Skilling met with some representatives of the blockchain and the bitcoin industry ahead of starting up your own business in this field.

According to the newspaper, Skilling is looking for partners for a new company which, like Enron, will be associated with energy. Information about the new project a little bit, but we know that it must be a platform which gives investors access to oil and gas projects.

Enron is an American energy company that went bankrupt in 2001. Its shares are traded on the new York stock exchange before the bankruptcy at Enron were 22 000 employees in 40 countries. The company was one of the leading in the world in areas such as electricity generation, gas transportation, gas, communications and pulp and paper production. Enron also traded in futures and other derivative securities.

In 2000, the company’s revenue exceeded $100 billion, Fortune Magazine named Enron “most innovative company in America” for six consecutive years.

However, in late 2001, it became aware of the fraud financial reporting, the outcome of the scandal was the bankruptcy of the company. Since Enron is often associated with large-scale corporate fraud and corruption. In 2003 for the film “Scam of the century”, which describes the last days of the company.

Jeffrey Skiling was released from prison on February 21 of this year after serving 12 years of its assigned 24. The post of the head he left Enron in 2001, just months before the bankruptcy of the company. Scilingo and founder of Enron Ken Lei was arrested in 2004. The authorities accused them of securities fraud, conspiracy, insider trading and deceiving auditors.

ForkLog previously reported that oil giants BP and Shell have launched a blockchain-Vakt platform to trade commodity products.