Conducted by The Wall Street Journal study of data of over 2,500 cryptocell related to illegal activity, showed that 46 of cryptocurrency exchanges were laundered at least $88.6 million

According to the conclusions of the drafting of the investigation, among the American kryptomere most funds were laundered through maintaining the anonymity of users of the platform ShapeShift AG – almost $9 million over two years. Although the crypto currency exchange registered in Switzerland, in fact it operates in Colorado. Journalists gave its representatives a list of suspicious addresses and, according to the head ShapeShift on legal Affairs Veronica McGregor (McGregor Veronica), they were blocked. While ShapeShift next month is going to adopt the practice of following the policy, KYC. It was a strategic decision taken to reduce risks and pending relevant regulatory requirements.

Recall that in late August, representatives of the research team Blockchain Transparency Institute (BTI), calling for honesty and transparency in cryptosphere, published a work which shows that more than 70 of the top 100 kryptomere tracked service CoinMarketCap, involved in the laundering of illegal funds. The analysis of data on 130 cryptomeria suggests that the stated daily trading volume daily overstated by $6 billion, and laundered the amount exceeds 67% of the daily trading volume.