In the District court of Maryland received a petition from attorney Robert góra (Robert K. Hur), who asked him to drop the charges in murder-for-hire with a previously sentenced to double life imprisonment without the right of appeal of the founder of darkweb-marketplace Silk Road Ross Ulbricht (Ross Ulbricht). This accusation, according to some experts and supporters of the convicted, led to the imposition of such a harsh sentence.

Action the Prosecutor explained that the U.S. Supreme court refused to provide the possibility of reviewing the sentence of life imprisonment Ulbricht, despite his request to that effect. Therefore, the decision of the District court for the southern district of new York remains in force, and since the sentence has not changed, the Prosecutor’s office of Maryland takes a Federal prosecution to “allocate resources to other cases in which justice has not yet been established.”

He Ulbricht said that a declination of prosecution in Maryland is perceived as a significant relief.

Just found out the govt moved to drop the case against me in Maryland. What a huge weight off my shoulders that will be.

— Ross Ulbricht (@RealRossU) July 24, 2018

Recall that the Silk Road was closed in 2013. Security personnel who participated in the investigation in his case, is accused of fraud and embezzlement. While Ulbricht admits his guilt and says he was framed.