A team of professionals runs the blockchain-a project to create a gambling platform – Winstars. Pre-sales will begin on may 10, 2018. During this period, will be sold 22.5 million tokens at a price of $0,16 per share.

Features of the new platform for gambling:

  • the transparency and honesty of the operator – each participant will be able to check all your transaction history, all withdrawals, and the proper generation of the next card;
  • play anonymously – the identity of the players is not required;
  • the absence of a minimum threshold for the start of the games – because of low commissions and operating fees, minimum Deposit is absent;
  • exception hidden fees;
  • fast withdrawals of any amount without locking the account in case of winning a large jackpot;
  • fully automatic benefits – each game session starts with create a smart contract that makes all payments on its end;
  • daily distribution of profit by chance, certain players or token holders;
  • payment partners, 10% of the profits from played jackpots;
  • dividends holders of the tokens at the rate of 15%;
  • two kinds of referral programs – for the three-tier investors and partners, the five-level;
  • programmed system shortage of tokens on the exchange and, as a consequence, the steady growth rate WINS;
  • the granting of exclusive rights to ICO investors to sell tokens WINS on cryptocurrency exchanges is a platform ensures that there will be put up for sale their own tokens;
  • the use of virtual reality for total immersion in the game (in the future).

The principle of ecosystem participants Winstars depicted in the infographics.

The honesty of the operator platform guaranteed smart contracts that are in the process of the game is responsible for equitable distribution of random numbers and playing cards, betting casinos and poker rooms.

As random numbers generator project uses a multi-factor encryption method is RSA. Thus, the operator becomes impossible to intervene or to predict the course of the game.

These methods greatly increase the odds of winning for the customers.

Using the project’s own Protocol makes the next move almost instantly.

The functioning of the internal token eliminates the problems with waiting for withdrawal and receipt of the winning payoffs to the account.

Subsequently, the platform will become a full-fledged marketplace where third party developers can upload their games and make a profit from their use. This ensures the appearance of new types and formats of games.

The main round of the ICO will start on 3 June 2018. Enough to collect 5 million dollars to start the project.

The launch platform is planned for Q3 2018.